Police report: Murder victims were Lionheart Gang enforcers

A police report on three men murdered in Arima early Wednesday morning, lists all three as not just members of at least two gangs, but also as 'enforcers'.

Dimitri Cust, 19, Nyron Samuel, 24 and Jordan Archibald, 15, were all killed when gunmen, dressed in police uniform, entered the house they were living in on Demerara Road, Arima and shot them dead.

The police report, obtained by Guardian Media Limited, states that all three deceased were members of the Lionheart gang, and were associated with the Rasta City and Bloods gangs.

Three held during attempted robbery

Swift action by Emergency Response Patrol (ERP) officers operating in the Northern Division, led to the arrest of three robbery suspects and the seizure of two firearms along with a quantity of ammunition in Arima last night.

According to police reports, at around 11:54 pm on January 16th, officers were on patrol in the Northern Division when they responded to a report of a robbery in progress, at a private residence on Savannah Drive, Arima Old Road, Arima.

Mother of missing salesman prays for his safe return

Even as po­lice and rel­a­tives put to­geth­er a search par­ty this morn­ing for miss­ing sales­man Shane Ram­jat­tan, his moth­er is hold­ing firm that her son will re­turn home alive.

Bury­ing her face in her hands as she wept at their Julien Branch Trace, Rochard Road, Pe­nal home, Rad­i­ca Ram­jat­tan, 59, again begged the peo­ple who she be­lieves ab­duct­ed her son to re­lease him un­harmed.

Central Division Police continue crackdown on illegal guns and drugs

Central Division Police Officers continued their crackdown on illegal guns and drugs with another anti-crime exercise on Thursday 16 January 2020.

During  the  exercise,  officers  proceeded  to  Bolai  Trace  East,  Chase Village, where they  conducted a search of a bushy area,  which resulted in the discovery of two  revolvers  and  three  rounds  of  ammunition.

Quantities of marijuana and cocaine also were found.

Heritage Petroleum rolls out security measures in Santa Flora

Heritage Petroleum Company Limited says the public will have limited access to the field roads in Santa Flora, pending the roll out of improved security measures.

Recent reports suggest an increase in attempted robberies on motorists commuting through the area.

According to a release issued by the company, the Santa Flora field road located at Lot 10, the field road located at Bennet Village, as well as the Forest Reserve field road, will be closed off to the public between the hours of 6 pm and 5 am.

Venezuelan activist not comforted by news of extension for migrants

“What's next?”

That's the question being asked by Venezuelan activist, Sofia Figueroa-Leon, following the assurance that there would be an automatic extension for registered Venezuelan migrants.

During Thursday’s Post-Cabinet Media Briefing, National Security Minister Stuart Young guaranteed that holders of registration cards would get a six-month extension at the end of the period for which they are registered.

However, Figueroa-Leon said with the absence of a proper migrant policy, Venezuelans are subjected to a lack of basic human rights and public services.

Arima teen missing

The TTPS is seeking the urgent assistance of the public in locating 13-year-old Shiloh Thomas.

Thomas, of Cecile Street, Maurice Avenue, Arima was last seen at home, at 8:30 am on January 15th.

She was reported missing to the Arima Police Station on the same date. Thomas is of mixed descent, 5 feet, 6 inches tall, slim-built, 100lbs with short black hair, light brown complexion, last seen wearing El Dorado East Secondary School uniform, white shirt, blue pleated skirt and black shoes.

Citizens want crime-fighting results, not more rhetoric—political scientist

“Recent rhetoric and deflection on the part of the National Security Minister is not helpful and borders on propaganda…”

That assessment from UWI political scientist, Dr Bishnu Ragoonath, as he commented on the minister's statements about deliberately orchestrated acts of terror, during yesterday's Post-Cabinet News Briefing.

Dr Ragoonath also is Chairman of the Committee for Responsible Political Behaviour.

According to Dr Ragoonath, rather than engaging in propaganda, Government needs to start delivering some real results from its various anti-crime strategies.

Three men from Malabar killed in 12 days

Another murder was recorded in Arima on Thursday night.

According to a police report, at about 8.30 pm, 43-year-old Julien Caleb was standing at the corner of Eastern Main Road and Kingdom Avenue when a gunman walked up to him and shot him dead.

Julien Caleb was the third resident from Malabar to be killed in the last 12 days. 


Police said Caleb lived at Richard Street in Malabar and was a barber.

Kublalsingh: “Stop work on the Fyzabad to Mon Desir segment, now!”

Works are going apace on the Fyzabad to Mon Desir segment of the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway Extension Project, but head of the Highway Reroute Movement (HRM)—Dr Wayne Kublalsingh—is calling on the Prime Minister to stop the project now.

During a press conference on Friday, Kublalsingh said acquisition of all properties has not been completed and all residents have not been compensated.

"The Government is breaking the law in Debe to Mon Desir. It is acting with malfeasance," Kublalsingh said.