Attorney Joseph Melville found guilty of conspiracy to murder

Thursday, June 1, 2017 - 15:15

Attorney Joseph Melville has been found guilty of conspiracy to murder his secretary, Patricia Cox. 

Melville, of Foster Road, Sangre Grande, was convicted alongside "PH" taxi-driver Hilton Winchester in March 2004, on charges of attempted murder, conspiracy to murder, kidnapping and assault occasioning bodily harm. 

Today's sentence came after a retrial which was ordered by the Appeal Court in 2011.

In granting the re-trial, the justices said: "The Court must take into account the seriousness and prevalence of the offence, the expense and length of time involved in a fresh hearing, the ordeal suffered by an accused person on trial, the length of time that would have elapsed between the offence and the new trial." 

The State's case was that Melville had hired three men, Jason Holder, Ainsley "Beetle" Alleyne and Winchester, to kill Cox on June 28, 2001, when he found out she had reported him to the police after he cashed in two insurance policies on behalf of a client and failed to pay the money to the client. 

Winchester took Cox and the two men to Cumberland Hill, Fort George, St James, where they tried to kill her. She escaped by jumping over a precipice.