Dulalchan threatens to sue Agriculture Minister

The top nominee for the post of police commissioner is threatening to sue the Minister of Agriculture.

The action follows reports that his license to occupy agriculture land in Felicity was terminated.

Three people, including the Commissioner of State Lands, have also been suspended pending an investigation into this very issue. 

In a pre-action letter issued today, the acting Deputy Commissioner of Police denied any involvement in land grabbing and says he has a legal license to cultivate the land in Felicity. 

Dulalchan also takes serious issue with the minister's statements in the media about the issue. 

The pre-action letter states that the minister's comments have already had serious negative consequences for Dulalchan at a time when he has emerged as the top candidate for the post police commissioner. 

It advises that Dulalchan has also spent large sums of money to develop the lands in question. 

His attorneys say if any action is taken to remove him from the land, they will institute legal proceedings against the minister. 


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