EBC: Voter turnout 34%, UNC wins popular vote

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - 21:15

The Election and Boundaries Commission (EBC) says the voter turnout in Monday's Local Government Elections was 34.49 per cent of the voting population.

This represents a minor increase over the turnout in the 2016 Local Government elections, which was 34.34 per cent.

In a statement issued Tuesday night, the EBC said that of an electorate of 1,079,976 in the 139 electoral districts in Trinidad, total votes cast were 372,503.

The United National Congress received the popular vote with 202,584 votes or 54.38% of the total votes cast.  

The breakdown of votes by political party is as follows:

UNC:  202,584 (54.38%)
PNM: 161,962 (43.48%)
MSJ: 2,635 (0.71%)
PPM: 1,314 (0.35%)
COP: 972 (0.26%)
MND: 404 (0.11%)
NTP: 11 (0.003%)

Both the PNm and the UNC won 7 corporations in the elections.