Municipal Police nab would-be kidnapper

Thursday, February 13, 2020 - 10:15

A 23-year-old man from Cap-De-Ville, Point Fortin, was taken into custody yesterday, following his botched attempt at a kidnapping of a 10-year-old school child.

According to reports, members of the Point Fortin Municipal Police were instrumental in his arrest.

A statement from the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government says at about 8am on Wednesday 12th February, a Standard Three student of the Fanny Village Government School was walking along the Guapo / Cap-De-Ville Main Road, when a black van driven by a man of “East Indian descent with long hair” stopped alongside her. The man attempted to pull the child into the vehicle.

A by-stander raised an alarm, causing the man to return to his vehicle and hurriedly flee the scene. Witnesses accompanied the victim to the Fanny Village Government School where WPC Thomas-Rouse of the Point Fortin Police Station conducted an interview and received information, which proved critical to the investigation.

Reports are that the victim and her mother were taken to the Point Fortin Police Station where an official report was made.

The ministry’s release says officers of the Point Fortin Municipal Police continued investigations, reviewed camera footage and a short while later, arrested the suspect.

A black Isuzu pick-up van, which is believed to be the vehicle used in the attempted kidnapping, was found and seized.

The suspect, along with the vehicle, were handed over to officers of the Point Fortin Police Station.

The Minister of Rural Development and Local Government, Senator Kazim Hosein, commended the swift response of the Point Fortin Municipal Police and the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) saying:

“This is indeed good news. Well-deserved commendation to the Municipal Police and the TTPS attached to the borough of Point Fortin,” the minister said. “This joint effort is exactly what we need in order to ensure that our citizens, particularly our children, are kept safe from predators and unwanted harm. Municipal Police officers play an integral role in the national security framework at the community level and today’s events are a testament to that fact. In executing their duties, these officers have once again highlighted the role that the Municipal Police Force plays in ensuring greater safety and security through increased foot and vehicular patrols.”

The exercise was coordinated by Senior Superintendent Santana and supervised by WPC Superintendent Fortune and Inspector Carter. Also on the case were Sergeant Singh, Corporal Dalip, WPC Charles, PC Scott and other officers of the Point Fortin Municipal Police Station.


Story by NEWS DESK