Padarath: EBC continues to blunder

Monday, December 2, 2019 - 11:15

“Blunders by the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) are a cause for concern,” says Princes Town MP, Barry Padarath. 

The MP spoke with Guardian Media on Monday when he went to cast his vote at the Couva Anglican School at the Southern Main Road.

Padarath was informed that the Station opened a few minutes after 6 am, much to the displeasure of the lines of voters who had been at the venue since 5 am, waiting to cast their ballots.

Padarath said he has been informed that there were issues in Mayaro and Princes Town.

“We have time and time again expressed our deep concern with the electoral process, the way in which the EBC continues to manage the Local Government Elections,” he says. “As we approach the general elections, we continue to express our concern as a party over the manner in which they handle this process. We have seen blunder after blunder. You will recall in the Standing Finance Committee, I raised the issue whether or not the Chief Elections Officer is a relative of a sitting MP,” MP Padarath noted. “This does not give us any comfort. Actually, it gives us a tremendous amount of concern of how fair these elections would be today.”

Meanwhile, the first person to vote at the Couva Anglican School had a different view of today’s proceedings.

When questioned as to whether he believed the EBC is conducting elections in a free and fair manner, Lucy Duke told us she and her husband thought the voting process was smooth and went well.

Lucy Duke (left), and her husband Rudolph Duke, were the first people to vote at the Couva AC School.



Story and images by SHASTRI BOODAN

Lead image caption: Allan Seepersad (left), the UNC  Candidate for Felicity Calcutta Mc Bean  greets Princess Town MP Barry Padarath