PNM claims victory by virtue of winning more seats

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - 00:00

The People’s National Movement (PNM) is claiming victory in the Local Government Elections, on the basis of winning more seats than the UNC.

Both parties won seven corporations, with the UNC capturing Sangre Grande which was previously held by the PNM.

In a statement Monday night, the PNM's public relations officer Laurel Lezama said that the PNM "has won the Monday 2nd December 2019 Local Government Election".

"The Party fielded candidates in every single Electoral District in Trinidad, securing 74 Seats, while the UNC got 65," the statement issued by Lezama said. 

It added, "On behalf of the Political Leader, Campaign Team and the Party’s Leadership, we extend our tremendous gratitude to the citizens who have placed renewed faith in the People’s National Movement. The PNM invites all of our citizens to move forward with us in the interest of our beloved country."