Ramdial: PNM failing on crime and services

Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 12:45

The prime minister is being advised to stop obsessing over Cambridge Analytica, and instead focus on dealing with the crime scourge in this country.

The advice comes from Couva North MP, Ramona Ramdial.

At a news conference on Wednesday at her constituency offices at Chase Village in Chaguanas, the Couva North MP said she has been bombarded with complaints from constituents about crime and a lack of basic services.

She says the national security minister—and the government overall—have failed citizens on the crime issue.

“Every time I go on the ground and we meet residents and constituents, they are saying there has been an increase in crime within their communities,” the MP says, “especially, an increase in home invasions. As such, they are asking for increased mobile patrols in their communities, once more.”

She adds: “In general, they are also concerned about the high murder rate. Government has to address crime. That is the number one issue on the front burner of every single voting constituent today.”

The Couva North MP also expressed concern that the PNM may be deliberately starving UNC strongholds of resources, in order to win the upcoming elections.

She is accusing the ruling party of political discrimination.

“There are no resources coming to CTTRC [Couva-Tabaquite-Talparo Regional Corporation] or Chaguanas Borough in the form of finances to purchase materials; to patch potholes; to cut the grass in cemeteries; to maintain our roadways; and to deal with the flooding situation,” she argues.

According to the MP, the rivers and natural watercourses in the Couva North constituency have not been cleaned or properly desilted over the past four years, including the river mouths along the western coast.

Ramona Ramdial says the PNM's deliberate neglect of UNC constituencies have only ensured they will never get the electorate there to vote for them.