Regrello's son jabs back at father over 'lazy' comment

Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 14:15

Joshua Regrello, the son of San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello, has taken offence to his father labelling him as “lazy”, changing his Twitter name to "Lazy Boy."

Joshua, the young captain of San Fernando’s Skiffle Steel Orchestra, who has been making waves on social media with his melodious adaptation of theme songs and local music, also retweeted a photo of the Trinidad Guardian article in which his father dubbed him as lazy.

The original tweet by ‘sub judice 263 T-98’ on Wednesday showed the title of the article, “Regrello: My son is not on corporation’s payroll” and the caption 
“Y’all, Junior Regrello pelt his son under the bus oui”. Joshua retweeted with the caption, ‘It really be your own” with a grimacing emoji. Up to this morning, the post was retweeted 93 times with 517 likes.

It has brought much ridicule. “It’s one thing to call your son lazy, it’s another thing to have it in print,” one person commented.

Another said, “Dawg, I read it in his voice and I am dying here” with a laughter and crying emoji to bolster her expression. Joshua responded, “He stayed in character for the media.”

Regrello’s lazy comment was made during an interview with the media on Tuesday following claims by Oropouche East MP Dr Roodal Moonilal that close relatives of sitting members of the San Fernando City Corporation were being paid salaries even though they were hardly ever seen at work. Speaking at the United National Congress' public meeting in Marabella last Monday, Moonilal claimed there were two university students on the Corporation’s payroll. But Regrello said that while he had a son attending university, he was never employed by the Corporation.

“I have one son in uni­ver­si­ty and he has nev­er worked in his life. He is a pan play­er and that is what he does. He does not work, he too lazy. He not work­ing any­where. Coun­cil­lor Soogrim has a daugh­ter in uni­ver­si­ty—she is not work­ing here. My son in uni­ver­si­ty took a year off and on­ly start­ed back last month. He has nev­er worked here,” Regrello said.

As a musician, Joshua plays at several gigs, including the Corporation’s ceremony last October to present JT Allum and Co Ltd with the keys to the city.

 - Kevon Felmine