Sinanan: More fraud to be found as Licensing Division is modernised

Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 13:15

Works and Transport Minister, Rohan Sinanan, has revealed that at least 16 people may have been caught in the web of an ongoing police probe, into possible fraud at the Licensing Office.

The minister says the three year project to modernise and computerise the day-to-day operations at Licensing, has made it impossible for irregularities to remain hidden.

He confirms that they have been cooperating with police, and he expects that as the initiative continues, more illegal behaviour will be uncovered.

“We do have a system at the ministry where, whenever we find anything that should be investigated by the police, we would forward it to the police,” the minister told us. “So we would have sent a fair amount of information and documents to the police, and they would obviously do their investigations to ensure whether a crime was committed, or if anyone has any questions to answer, in terms of the fraud in this case.”

The works and transport minister also told us Cabinet will soon receive and consider a report from NIDCO on the preferred tenderer, as the country gets closer to implementing a customised number plates system.

The minister believes the new system will be a major boon from a national security perspective, given that a main feature involves having computerised chips implanted in number plates.

He says that's because vehicles are involved in the commission of virtually every crime that occurs in this country.

“This RFID comes with a chip in the number plate, and we have the apparatus to read that,” he explains. “Licensing officers, traffic wardens and the police will be equipped with that [apparatus]. They would actually be able to read the chip, and that will indicate whether or not that is the correct number plate. So,” the minister notes, “it is not a tracking device. It is a RFID to identity the car and the number plate.”

Minister Sinanan says the new system will definitely ensure that the days of easily making illegal number plates will come to an end.



Story by NEWS DESK