UNC: Anomalies in voters lists for four marginals

The United National Congress (UNC) is calling on the Elections And Boundaries Commission (EBC) to launch a probe into what it says are abnormalities with voter lists in four marginal parliamentary constituencies.

In an official statement, the UNC says it had been conducting its own house to house examination of the list of registered voters in each constituency, meeting each voter in person.

According to the party’s release, during the four year exercise, they discovered 1,684 inconsistencies and anomalies within the St. Joseph, Tunapuna, Moruga/Tableland and La Horquetta/Talparo constituencies: "Persons appearing on the list of registered voters were determined as not residing at the given voter address and/or having no historical links to the area".

The release goes on to say that despite bringing the inconsistencies to the EBC’s attention, the UNC is yet to receive an acknowledgement of its correspondence.

The UNC says in light of the local government election carded for Monday 2nd December, the EBC must carry out a probe into the abnormalities identified.

The party is calling for a meeting with the EBC to deal with this and other issues.


Story by NEWS DESK

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