Embedded thumbnail for Stra's Smallbore Rifle Tournament

The Martinique shooters could almost not be matched as they dominated the Stra's Smallbore Rifle Tournament this past weekend.

Our south cameraman Ivan Toolsie journeyed to central Trinidad to catch some of the action that was a truly...

Embedded thumbnail for  East Zone Secondary Schools Basketball League

Josiah James led North Eastern College to a 15-point victory over Trinity College East in the East Zone Secondary Schools Basketball league.

As you'll see in this report, North East led all the way through as only one match was played at...

Embedded thumbnail for Caledonia Clippers National Basketball Invitational Champions

The Caledonia Clippers stunned SOS to win the national basketball invitational championships this past weekend.

As Caston Cupid tells us in this report, there was no need for a game 3.

Embedded thumbnail for Riva's dreams of Olympic Games

Giovanni Rivas has been swimming since he was six months old.

A trip to the beach with his parents would change the sports for him from recreation into a dream.

Now he's hoping to one day swim in an Olympic pool.


Embedded thumbnail for UANA swimming cup squad selected

The UANA swimming cup squad has been selected after a packed weekend of action at the aquatic centre.

It saw several young swimmers not only making the grade but also surpassing what is required to compete in Peru.

We have action...

Embedded thumbnail for NAAA's Track and Field Series 4

Trinidad and Tobago may be missing a 100 metres sprinter at global events but we can give you a glimpse of what's to come in the future.

At the NAAA's track and field series 4, at the Larry Gomes stadium was dominated by sprinting.


Embedded thumbnail for Central Soccer World training toddlers in football

Very often we focus on the professional side of football.

However, we're turning it 180 degrees and focusing on some toddlers in the sport.

Deep in the heart of a central community, one club is taking on the task of developing the...

Embedded thumbnail for TT Pro League

It was a frustrating night for both AC Port of Spain and Central FC as both played to a 1-1 draw in the TT Pro League.

This, mainly because, both are struggling at the bottom of the table.

Here's Caston Cupid.

Embedded thumbnail for  Immortelle Youth League

From a school project to the latest development football league, this is the story of how a grassroots tournament has gripped the country.

It's called the Immortelle Youth League and as you'll see in this story, this newly sanctioned TTFA...

Embedded thumbnail for National Indoor Hockey League

Players seeking selection for international hockey duty for the Trinidad and Tobago indoor team have been lighting up the National Indoor League.

On the weekend we checked in with the competition.