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Licensing Office has reopened

The Licensing Office located at Wrightson Road in Port of Spain is back open today, after being closed for the last two days.

In a statement, the Ministry of Works and Transport advised that the Port of Spain Licensing Office resumed regular business operations and will operate within regular hours, namely 8am to 4pm.

The office was closed on Tuesday to facilitate ongoing maintenance work at the facility.

Recently, workers at the Licensing Office complained that they were being affected by a sewer problem.



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Licensing Office remained closed today

The Licensing Office in Port of Spain remained closed today.

According to workers and the union, the sewage problem on the compound was not fixed.

First Vice President of the Public Service Association (PSA), Ian Murray, said workers showed up to work this morning but refused to work because of the open sewer. 

Murray said they expect to meet with the Transport Commissioner on the compound to discuss the issue soon.

On Thursday, staff walked off the compound after raw sewerage was found to be leaking and the toilets stopped working.

Sinanan: More fraud to be found as Licensing Division is modernised

Works and Transport Minister, Rohan Sinanan, has revealed that at least 16 people may have been caught in the web of an ongoing police probe, into possible fraud at the Licensing Office.

The minister says the three year project to modernise and computerise the day-to-day operations at Licensing, has made it impossible for irregularities to remain hidden.

He confirms that they have been cooperating with police, and he expects that as the initiative continues, more illegal behaviour will be uncovered.