Sangre Grande Regional Corporation

Terry Rondon: “Sangre Grande is still PNM country…”

Outgoing chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, Terry Rondon, is disappointed that the People’s National Movement (PNM) was unable to hold on to the corporation.

The local government stalwart believes the party must go back to the drawing board and re-focus on serving the people.

He says what happened yesterday was less a rejection of the PNM itself, and more a statement that the way local government candidates are selected must change.

Investigation ordered into alleged misuse of funds at Sangre Grande Regional Corporation

The Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government has ordered an investigation into allegations of misconduct and misuse of funds at the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation.

The Ministry has issued a statement saying it takes all allegations seriously and has asked the chairman of the corporation, Terry Rondon to take swift internal action to investigate the claims.

The following is a statement by the ministry: