Felicity voting went smoothly this morning

There was a steady stream of early morning voters today at the Felicity SDMS Hindu School in Felicity.

Despite a slight downpour of rain shortly before 7 am, voters were still seen trickling in to cast their respective ballots.

There were no reports of any minor or major hiccups as the process is reported as smooth so far.

Government Senator Avinash Singh arrived shortly before 7 am to cast his vote.

Padarath: EBC continues to blunder

“Blunders by the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) are a cause for concern,” says Princes Town MP, Barry Padarath. 

The MP spoke with Guardian Media on Monday when he went to cast his vote at the Couva Anglican School at the Southern Main Road.

Padarath was informed that the Station opened a few minutes after 6 am, much to the displeasure of the lines of voters who had been at the venue since 5 am, waiting to cast their ballots.

Padarath said he has been informed that there were issues in Mayaro and Princes Town.

Couva South MP: Voters with poll cards being turned away

There are reports that more than a dozen voters with poll cards were turned away from the polls on Monday—in the marginal electoral district of California-Point Lisas—when they went to cast ballots at the Couva East Secondary School. 

Couva South MP, Rudranath Indarsingh, said he got several calls that there have been a number of election discrepancies.

Indarsingh said a woman in possession of a poll card was told that her name was not on the list. He said the woman insisted that they look for her name on the binder until she was allowed to vote.

Smooth start to Voting Day

Some 1,079,969 people are eligible to vote today…

They will be choosing their local government representatives at the 2,107 polling stations within the 1,530 polling divisions throughout the country.

Initial reports suggest a smooth start to voting today.