TTPS: 11 Venezuelans in Police custody from Tzar raid

An official statement from the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is confirming that 11 of  the  38  Venezuelans  detained  on  Tuesday  morning  at  the  Tzar Nightclub in Woodbrook, are still in custody and are being interrogated by police officers.

Two Venezuelans shot within a three-day period

Two Venezuelans were shot and wounded within a three-day period in two separate incidents.

In the latest incident, at about 4 am on Tuesday, a Venezuelan man was walking along Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook when a gunman approached him and attempted to rob him.

Police say the victim attempted to run away but was shot in the leg four times. The attacker then ran off.

The victim was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he was treated and warded in a stable condition.

Woodbrook attacks, assaults, robberies on the increase

Over the past five years there have been over 100 attacks against residents of Woodbrook.

The latest attacks were a home invasion where an 85-year-old woman was brutally beaten along with her amputee son, a robbery and an attempted rape.

Vehicle catches afire in Woodbrook

Fire officers were called to extinguish a fire which started suddenly in the tray of a pick of truck which was parked in Woodbrook.

Officers were initially called to Luis Street, Woodbrook amid reports from residents that a home on the street appeared to be on fire.

However, when they arrived they instead found a Nissan Frontier, parked in the driveway next to an apartment engulfed in flames.

The officers put out the blaze with minimal fuss. 

The owner of the vehicle and witnesses said they had no clue what caused the fire.